Addressing resource utilisation and performance challenges of interactive multimedia services.

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Providing solutions for communication networks resilience, by measurements, through prototyping, and through theoretical studies.

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Focusing on cryptography, computer security and information theory in order to improve robustness of vital services.


Addressing the efficiency and robustness of large computer installations, ranging from enterprise systems to supercomputers and cloud installations.

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The Center for Resilient Networks and Applications

A research center devoted to tackling our increasing dependability on network applications.


Software Engineering

The department of Software Engineering researches and develops tools for software validation and verification for large-scale systems.

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The Certus Centre (SFI)

The Certus Centre for Software Verification & Validation


Biomedical Computing

Developing and applying novel simulation technologies to reach new understanding of complex physical processes affecting human health.

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Cardiac Modeling

Working collaboratively with both experimentalists and clinicians to address current challenges in cardiology through cardiac modeling. 

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High Performance Computing

Developing and refining programming methodologies and software tools for higher performance computing.

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A subsidiary of Simula Research Laboratory that develops technical software tools based on visualization, scientific computing, and geometric modeling.


Center for Biomedical Computing (SFF)

Center for Biomedical Computing (CBC) aims to develop and apply novel simulation technologies to reach new understanding of complex physical processes affecting human health. We target selected medical problems where insight from mathematical modeling can contribute to changing clinical practice.

Center for Cardiological Innovation (SFI)

The Center for Cardiological Innovation (CCI) is a RCN funded Center for Research Based Innovation (SFI).  Bringing together clinicians, industrial partners, and advanced simulation expertise, the 8 year center aims to develop the next generation of diagnostic ultrasound equipment and cardiac resynchnronization therapy (CRT) tools.