Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Simula is a group of 6 companies, in which Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) is the mother company and the following are subsidiaries: Simula Innovation (SI), Simula Learning (SL), Simula UiB, Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering (SimulaMet), and Simula Consulting (SC).

All companies in the Simula Group are organized as limited companies, each of which is managed by a Director and overseen by a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors for SRL

Each legal entity within the Simula Group is governed by its own Board of Directors. As the parent company of the Group, the Board for Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) is responsible for overseeing the entire Group, as well as the running of SRL in particular.

The board members for the SRL board are appointed by the owners (the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research), with the exception of the employee representatives, who are elected by the employees.

The Board of Directors for Simula Research Laboratory.
From left: Håkon Kvale Stensland (employee representative), Maria Korkunc, Ingolf Søreide, Mari Løchen (employee representative), Kyrre Lekve (administration), Ingvild Myhre (Chair of the Board), Aslak Tveito (Managing Director), Hilde Brunvand Nordvik, Pinar Heggernes. Not pictured: Mats Lundqvist, Petter Nielsen