Bernardo Lino de Oliveira successfully defended his PhD
Bernardo Lino de Oliveira

Bernardo Lino de Oliveira successfully defended his PhD


On Wednesday, 5th of November, Bernardo Lino de Oliveira successfully defended his PhD thesis Computational Models for Cardiac Electromechanics.

The defense took place at 13.15 in Storstua.

The aim of the thesis is to contribute to the progress of cardiac modeling by studying and developing computational models to represent the electromechanical processes in the heart. Several interesting questions can be studied using coupled electromechanical models of the heart as many questions are intrinsically related to the coupling between these problems. These coupled problems give rise to many modeling and numerical challenges, both from the electrophysiology and mechanics parts and are many times related to the coupling itself. This thesis has made a contribution to the understanding and development of coupled electromechanical models of the heart, and to how these models can be solved efficiently.

The thesis is written within the field of Cardiac Modeling. The work has been conducted at Simula Research Laboratory.

Prior to the defense, at 10:15, Bernardo Lino de Oliveira presented his trial lectureAn Overview of Multiscale Cardiac Models.

The adjudication committee

  • PhD, Professor, Leif Rune Hellevik, NTNU
  • PhD, Researcher, Sergio Alonso, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin, Germany
  • PhD, Associate Professor Kent-Andre Mardal, Department of Mathematics, Universitetet i Oslo

Chair of the disputation

  • Professor Knut Liestøl, Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Oslo


  • PhD, Joakim Sundnes, Simula Research Laboratory
  • PhD, Samuel Wall, Simula Research Laboratory
  • Dsc, Rodrigo Weber dos Santos, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil

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