Expanded partnership between Simula and OsloMet
Expanded partnership between Simula and OsloMet

Expanded partnership between Simula and OsloMet


In a significant move to foster academic excellence in Norway, Simula and OsloMet signed a new agreement today that paves the way for more Simula PhD candidates to complete their doctoral degrees at OsloMet's PhD program in Engineering Science. This lays the foundation for a greater impact in our shared pursuit of knowledge and groundbreaking research.

Simula has always emphasised the education and training of young researchers, a top priority shared by OsloMet. Through cutting-edge research and educational initiatives, both partners endeavour to create and share knowledge, and push the boundaries of technology. This agreement is a natural next step towards furthering our shared commitment to academic excellence.

“In OsloMet we have a partner aligned perfectly with our goals to do important work that benefits society,” says Lillian Røstad, Managing Director of Simula.

Both Simula and OsloMet are committed to nurturing a collaborative environment that supports the training and development of future ICT experts. And more ICT experts are sorely needed throughout Norway, sought out by industry and the public sector alike. Meeting this challenge is a key mission for the partners.

“All parts of society are today dependent on and influenced by technology. In Norway, we are completely dependent on being able to train more candidates in ICT subjects at the top level,” says Christen Krogh, Rector of OsloMet. “At OsloMet, we are happy to join forces with Simula on this agreement to train even more top candidates in ICT.”

And this partnership will continue to grow in the months and years to come, through more joint research projects and activities, and the vibrant exchange of ideas that enriches the academic environment in Norway and beyond.

As Røstad said, “In formalising this agreement, we are not only facilitating the completion of more PhD degrees in ICT, but also deepening the partnership between our institutions.”

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Khrono published an editorial by Lillian Røstad and Christen Kroghon 9 June 2023:​ Vi må utdanne flere som kan IKT

Pictured above: Lillian Røstad, Managing Director ofSimula Research Laboratory, and Christen Krogh, Rector of OsloMet. (photographer: Elya Simukka, Simula)