Graduates in the NorNet Project

Graduates in the NorNet Project


In the last two weeks, five students from Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) and Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (HiOA) have graduated to Masters of Computer Science while working within the NorNet project.

The NorNet project is the world's first large-scale network testbed for multi-homed systems. The students that have graduated are Yuba Raj Siwakot, Mehraj Pakmehr, Forough Golkar, Henrik Vest Simonsen and Geir Ola Vaagland.

Yuba Raj Siwakot(HiOA/UiO) wrote about ubiquitous Internet connectivity in his thesis «Measuring Performance of Mobile Broadband Networks under Mobility». Itis highly convenient to be able to check bus schedules while on the subway, or to listen to a radio stream while using public transportation. The work of Yuba Raj Siwakot analysed the performance of today's mobile broadband networks in Oslo during public transport usage.

In his thesisTCP Congestion Control Characteristics and Their Impacts in QoS over Mobile Broadband Networks, Mehraj Pakmehr(HiOA/UiO)analysed the impact of different strategies to avoid overloading the network. The right configuration and usage of such strategies is very important in order to ensure that all users experience the best possible service from their mobile networks, even in situations of high network load (e.g. at a crowded railway station or in a stadium). A better understanding of the underlying network behaviour helps researchers to develop improved strategies.

Forough Golkar(HiOA/UiO) explored IPv6 and IPv4 stability in her thesisMeasuring and Comparing the Stability of Internet Paths over IPv4 and IPv6.IPv6 is slowly replacing IPv4, and users expect that IPv6 provides a stability that isat leastas good as in the IPv4 Internet. NorNet Core, with its simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, therefore provides a great platform to compare stability. In her thesis, Forough Golkar designed and developed an analysis system and provided interesting results.

Henrik Vest Simonsen(UiO) designed and developed a visualisation tool in his thesisA Demonstration Scenario for the NorNet Core Multi-Homed Network Testbed.NorNet Core is a research platform, but visualising results and performing demonstrations of the system is very important. In his thesis, Henrik Vest Simonsen designed and developed a system to deploy test software, perform measurements and visualise the results. It will become a valuable tool for NorNet researchers.

In his thesisImprovements of the Linux SCTP API Geir Ola Vaagland (UiO) sought outto improve standards-compliance for Linux SCTP .The possibility of using a standard API to access network transport functionalities facilitates the creation of multi-platform software by application developers. SCTP, in comparison to TCP, provides a wider range of functionalities. Unfortunately, however, the APIs differ very much among the existing SCTP implementations. In his work, Geir Ola Vaagland developed highly useful improvements for Linux SCTP to make it more standards-compliant. Soon, his contribution will be included in the Linux kernel that is nowadays used by billions of devices worldwide.