Inaugural Workshop SUURPh San Diego
SUURPh students enjoying the Californian beach

Inaugural Workshop SUURPh San Diego


Over 4 days in the beginning of April, students, advisors and other main stakeholders in the SUURPh programme gathered in La Jolla, close to the University campus in San Diego, for the inaugural workshop of the SUURPh programmme.

The SUURPh collaboration is an initiative funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research to promote multidisciplinary research in computational biology and medicine. The programme seeks to provide international training opportunities for PhD students enrolled in Norway, and support collaboration among scientists at Simula, the University of Oslo (UiO), and the University of California San Diego (UCSD). The main purpose of the workshop was to provide all involved in SUURPh with an opportunity to meet eachother, be introduced to the various research projects, and understand the full scope of work included in the programme.

For this first enrolment, three students will concentrate on cardiac modelling, three on neuroscience, and two on fluid and soft tissue mechanics in the brain.

The eight selected SUURPh students presented themselves and their projects to the advisors from Simula, UiO and UCSD who were eager to see the main goals of all the projects. The discussions generated by the presentations witnessed the high quality, good structure, and progression on the work already performed.

SUURPh fellows will complete a portion of their doctoral research in San Diego under the guidance of our partners at UCSD and its affiliated institutes. In order to introduce the students to the UCSD Campus, several tours were organised, including visits to the labs where the students will work during their research period in San Diego.

The students are currently at different stages of preparing and organising their projects, one student is already in place in San Diego and has started the work in the department of Bioengineering, while others are beginning their project workfrom Oslo.

We are looking forward to following up and seeing the results of the work from these outstanding students and their advisors.