Kalkulo to commercialise the Statoil technology 4DPlates
From left to right: Trond Vidar Stensby and Are Magnus Bruaset (both Kalkulo), together with Bjørn Poul Ringvold and Jakob Skogseid (both Statoil). Skogseid and Stensby have been fundamental to the conceptual and technical development of 4DPlates.

Kalkulo to commercialise the Statoil technology 4DPlates


On December 20th, 2017, Kalkulo and Statoil signed a license agreement that allows Kalkulo to commercialise 4DPlates, a software-based technology for advanced geological modelling, and the result of a long time collaboration between the two companies.

For more than a decade, Kalkulo and Statoil have collaborated closely in the development of software-based technologies for advanced geological modeling, in particular targeting oil and gas exploration.One of these technologies, 4DPlates, is designed to visualize multi-resolution and multi-modal data sets and reconstruct the positions of these physical entities over geological time. Interactive exploration of how plate tectonic movements and other geological processes affect the collected data gives the geologists a unique opportunity to formulate and test hypotheses on the evolution of a given area over millions of years. Such assessments underpin the search for new oil and gas fields and the revision of production strategies for existing fields.

The 4DPlates technology is owned by Statoil and has until now been available exclusively for their internal use. On December 20, however, Kalkulo and Statoil signed a license agreement that allows Kalkulo to commercialise 4DPlates. This agreement allows development of products for the general market and projects to be run for third parties. The development, marketing and sales of 4DPlates products will be handled in ReBasin Technology AS, a recently established subsidiary of Kalkulo. The first product will be launched in April 2018.

More information on the 4DPlates technology

Stuart R. Clark, Jakob Skogseid, Trond Vidar Stensby, Mark A. Smethurst, Christian Tarrou, Are Magnus Bruaset, Allison K. Thurmond. 4DPlates: On the fly visualization of multilayer geoscientific datasets in a plate tectonic environment. Computers & Geosciences, vol. 45, pp. 46-51, 2012.

Bjørn P. Ringvold (Statoil, right) and Are M. Bruaset (Kalkulo, left) sign the license agreement. (Photo: Simula/Karoline Hagane)