Report: “Missed opportunities: National research labs in Norway”
Kyrre Lekve

Report: “Missed opportunities: National research labs in Norway”


Deputy Managing Director of Simula, Kyrre Lekve, has visited six countries and eleven research organisations to investigate how fundamental research is organised outside the University sector in other countries. He presents his results in the report, “Missed opportunities: National research labs in Norway”.

The benefit of national research laboratories

Lekve argues in his reportthat Simula is the only organisation in Norway that resembles a national research lab. The report investigates the current organisation of research and research funding outside the University sectorin Norway, and compares it to similar structures in selected Western countries.Lekve finds that national research labs are quite common in other countries, and that they contribute significantly to the national scientific output and quality. Simula suggests that the Norwegian government consider the creation of national research laboratories in Norway.

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