Researching to increase resilience in the face of cyber threats
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Researching to increase resilience in the face of cyber threats


On Tuesday May 23 researchers, decision makers, and politicians will meet at the House of Literature in Oslo for the annual cyber symposium organised by NTNU Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS) and Simula Research Laboratory. Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen, and State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security Thor Kleppen Sættem are among the speakers, and the discussion will focus on how we can increase societal resilience against cyber threats.

With the digitisation of society a need arises to ensure the security of our information systems and our digital property. The cyber attack Wannacry, which recently affected 200 000 individuals and businesses in over 150 countries, is merely the latest example of malicious exploitation of weaknesses in our computer systems. Digital border defense, the protection of critical infrastructure and investigation of cybercrime are some of the topics that will be discussed on Tuesday. Talks and presentations from government bodies and the digital security industry, as well as a debate on today’s challenges from cyber threats and the handling of digital attacks, are part of the symposium.

— Digital resilience unites the topics ofinformation security, business continuity and preparedness. Society as a whole is in need of robust digital services where complex IT systems, critical infrastructure, and operational processes must work together. Modern Norway is dependent on robust digital services, says Sofie Nystrøm, director of NTNU CCIS. This prompts high demands to invest in research and education within the field, Nystrøm continues.

Research groups in Norway work together on the contribution to digital resilience, where the annual symposium is one of the results of the collaboration.

— It is through a close collaboration with academics that the public and private sectors will succeed in strengthening Norway’s national digital resilience. We will continue to keep our positions as internationally leading research- and education groups within information security, communications technology, data processing and software, says hosts of the symposium, professor Katrin Franke, NTNU Digital Forensics Group, and Kyrre Lekve, deputy managing director of Simula Research Laboratory.

Representatives from Europol, the Norwegian Cyber defense, European Organisation for Security (EOS) and European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), and several ministries will attend the symposium.

The NTNU Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS) and Simula Research Laboratory are working to deliver knowledge and solutions to resist the cyber threats of the future. This will be made possible with the funding from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Ministry of Research and Education, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Norwegian Research Council.


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