The Simula Garage and Marie Rognes at the Cutting Edge Festival 2017
Marie Rognes (Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim)

The Simula Garage and Marie Rognes at the Cutting Edge Festival 2017


On Tuesday September 26 Marie Rognes will be speaking at the Cutting Edge Festival in Oslo. Simula is one of the sponsors of the festival, and representatives from The Simula Garage (Gründergarasjen) will be present at the exposition.

The Cutting Edge festival is a place to meet, learn, and celebrate science, technology and innovation. The festival will showcase tangible results from applied science and innovative start-ups that spring from Norwegian research.In their own words the festival isa "jam session for the people creating Norway’s business plan after the oil runs out". Simula is a sponsor of the festival, and the Simula Garage, or Gründergarasjen, will be participating in the exposition along with entrepreneurial representatives from Fácil and CleverHealth. The festival is part of Oslo Innovation Week, which isEurope’s largest innovation convention.

Marie Rognesis a Chief Research Scientist at Simula and will be presenting a talk in the "Brain and Aging" section of the programme. Herresearch spans numerical analysis, scientific computing and applications in soft tissue mechanics and electrophysiology.In 2015, Rognes won the 2015 Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software, was elected a Founding Member of the Young Academy of Norway, and received the 2015 Simula Research Award. She was also awarded a FRIPRO Young Research Talents Grant from the Research Council of Norway for the project “Waterscape: The numerical waterscape of the brain”. In 2016, Rognes was awarded an ERC Starting Grant in Mathematics for the project “Waterscales: Mathematical and computational foundations for modelling cerebral fluid flow”. In May 2017, Rognes gave a talk at TEDxOslo titled“Mathematics that cures us” on the topic of mathematical modelling in medicine.