Simula summer interns of 2023
Simula summer interns of 2023

Simula summer interns of 2023


Simula’s 2023 summer internship program was a resounding success.

Over the course of the summer, 20 summer interns worked closely with their supervisors at Simula Research Laboratory, SimulaMet and Simula UiB. Their six-week internships were filled with close cooperation and supervision from their supervisors, independent work, and inspirational academic lunches, as well as social activities for the summer interns.

Who were these interns?

Most of them were university students from across Norway, including some exchange students in Norway.

How did it go?

We asked the interns for feedback about their experience. While they generally reported having a fruitful experience and making new contacts, we learned more about what drew them to apply, what surprised them the most during their internships andtheir advice for next year’s interns. The following is only some of what they had to say…

"What made you choose Simula for a summer job?"

Ahmet Okur - “Interestingly, I stumbled upon the poster for Simula's summer internship in the university corridor. Realizing that the deadline was that very day, I hurried home to submit my application. Also, I have deep-rooted curiosity for research, specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and this curiosity of mine urged me to apply. Because Simula is renowned for its comprehensive research on AI topics, and I saw it as an exceptional platform where I can experience a hands-on approach to answering my questions and delving deeper into the world of AI research.”

Frida Marie Engøy Westby- “I am writing my master thesis here, and I have a good impression of Simula from before, so choosing a summer internship here was a natural choice for me.”

"What's been the most surprising or unexpected part of your internship?"

Israt Tabassum - “The surprising part is that after joining here, I have come to know that I have to work with React and Typescript, but I didn’t have any experience in these two before coming here, and my supervisor gave me time to learn this before starting the task and guides me every time. You don’t need to know everything before you work here.”

Ine Zhao - “The supervisors here are so nice! They have been helpful and supportive. The supervisors have been patient and I feel very welcomed. Another unexpected part is the weekly presentations and workshops for the interns. I remember the first workshop very well, where we gained insight on how to approach research papers and articles.”

Ashay Singh -“I expected before this that it would be more independent and academic work, and less implementation. It was the opposite! We get to discuss and collaborate with researchers, brainstorm ideas and we meet with new people all the time. I was also surprised that we were taken so good care of, and we get to be included in all activities in my department. It is also a big plus that the food is quite good in the cafeteria.”

"What would be your number one tip for next year’s summer interns?"

Daniel Haas- “Don't take daily frustrations of your project personally. Talk to your supervisor and colleagues, they can help you to brainstorm. Don't be afraid to ask and be precise on your questions. A helpful tip is also that you can summarize the meeting you have with the supervisors to get a mini debrief, in that way you can assure you have understood all messages.”

Ashay Singh - “I would suggest applying early and discussing the project beforehand. Take the opportunity to talk with the people you find here to get better insights and to clear your doubts if you have any.

About this program:

Simula’s annual Summer Internship program is an initiative that helps us work towards several complementary goals. This includes providing working experience for students, while simultaneously producing knowledge and solving problems. It's also a lot of fun!

Read more about Simula's Summer Internship program.

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