Simula Awards

Simula Awards

Simula honours and recognises researchers, and notable contributors within research, education and innovation.

Simula Research Award

The Simula Research Award is presented annually (since 2002) to honour excellent contributions to research undertaken at Simula that lead to new insight within the field. In 2011 and 2021, the award celebrated the previous 10 years of research as a Researcher of the Decade.

Researcher of the Decade

2021 - Olav Lysne
2011 - Lionel Briand

Researcher of the year

2022 - Kent-Andre Mardal
2020 - Ahmed Elmokashfi
2019 - Vegard Vinje
2018 - Michael Riegler
2017 - Shaukat Ali
2017 - Tao Yue
2016 - Molly Maleckar
2015 - Marie Rognes
2014 - Özgü Alay
2013 - Yan Zhang
2012 - Audun F. Hansen
2012 - Amund Kvalbein
2010 - Carsten Griwodz
2009 - Kirsten Ten Tusscher
2008 - Are Magnus Bruaset
2007 - Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen
2006 - Lionel Briand
2005 - Olav Lysne
2004 - Magne Jørgensen
2003 - Hans Petter Langtangen
2002 - Dag Sjøberg

Simula Innovation Award

The Simula Innovation Award honours entrepreneurs who have made an extraordinary contribution to the support of Simula´s goals within innovation. The Award recognises outstanding effort in turning ideas and results into products or services.

Simula Education Award

The Simula Education Award celebrates those that have made important contributions to Simula’s goals within Education. This award was started in 2022 to recognise outstanding efforts and impact of teaching and training within Simula’s core expertise.

2022 - Håkon Kvale-Stensland

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