Kalkulo as
Kalkulo AS

Excellence in technical software

Kalkulo AS delivers technical software based on mathematics, geometry and visualization. We combine years of product development experience with high professional standards to create stable, efficient and user friendly solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.

Kalkulo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Simula Research Laboratory AS, which is a governmentally funded ICT lab with 120 employees including the subsidaries.

According to an international evaluation committee, Simula has succeeded in generating a vibrant research culture and operates as a highly effective research unit with growing international recognition.

Being co-located with Simula, Kalkulo has direct access to up-to-date expertise that extends Kalkulo’s ability to create customer value. A good example is the current collaboration between Simula, Kalkulo and Statoil, which you can read more about at this web site.

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