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K. S. Mcleod, S. Wall and J. Saberniak. Quantitative Measures of Right Ventricular Shape Abnormalities in ARVC Patients In 24th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , Edited by K. Haugaa. ISMRM, 2016.
K. S. Mcleod, S. Wall, I. S. Leren, J. Saberniak and K. Haugaa. Ventricular Shape Correlates to Arrhythmic Events in ARVC Patients In American Heart Association Scientific Sessions . AHA, 2016.
K. S. Mcleod, K. Tøndel, S. Wall and J. Saberniak. Metamodelling of Structural Abnormalities in the ARVC Heart In VPH conference workshop on Metamodelling methodology for easing model construction and validation. , 2014.