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K. Hollund, P. Mostad, B. F. Nielsen, L. Holden, J. Gjerde, M. G. Contursi, A. J. McCann, C. Townsend and E. Sverdrup. HAVANA - a Fault Modeling Tool In Hydrocarbon Seal Quantification, NPF Special Publication 11, Edited by A. G. Koestler and R. Hunsdale. Elsevier Science, 2002.
B. F. Nielsen, L. Holden, P. Mostad, A. Skorstad, A. A. V´zquez, C. Townsend and S. Ottesen. A Stochastic Structural Model In Presented at the Modelling Permeable Rocks conference in Cambridge, England., 2001.
P. Mostad and B. F. Nielsen. Stochastic Modeling of Seismic Faults In Presented at the EAGE/SPE International Symposium on Petroleum Geostatistics, Toulouse, France., 1999.
P. Mostad and B. F. Nielsen. Parametric Modeling of Seismic Faults in Havana In Presented at the 3rd Norwegian Heterogeneity Conference at Gardermoen (Oslo), Norway., 1998.