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V. Pham, E. Larsen, P. E. Engelstad and Ø. Kure. Performance Analysis of Gateway Load Balancing in Ad Hoc Networks With Random Topologies In The 7th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access (Mobiwac09), Edited by Mobiwac. ACM, 2009.PDF icon Simula.nd.429.pdf (208.6 KB)
E. Larsen, V. Pham, P. E. Engelstad and Ø. Kure. Preemption Mechanisms for Push-to-Talk in Ad Hoc Networks In The 34th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN). IEEE, 2009.PDF icon Simula.nd.431.pdf (172.01 KB)
V. Pham, E. Larsen, Ø. Kure and P. E. Engelstad. "Routing of Internal MANET Traffic Over External Networks." Mobile Information Systems 5, no. 3 (2009): 291-311.PDF icon Simula.nd.423.pdf (621.51 KB)
E. Larsen, L. Landmark, V. Pham, Ø. Kure and P. E. Engelstad. Routing With Transmission Buffer Zones in MANETs In 10th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM'09), Edited by S. Giordano and V. Siris. IEEE, 2009.