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A. Al-Emran, D. Pfahl and G. Ruhe. DynaReP - a Discrete Event Simulation Model for Re-Planning of Software Releases In Proceedings of International Conference on Software Process (ICSP 2007), Edited by Q. e. a. Wang. Springer, 2007.
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A. Al-Emran, K. Keyvan, D. Pfahl and G. Ruhe. Simulation-Based Uncertainty Analysis for Planning Parameters in Operational Product Management In Proceedings of the 10th Int. Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology (IDPT 2007), Edited by E. e. A. al.. Society for Design and Process Science, 2007.
D. Pfahl, A. Al-Emran and G. Ruhe. "A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing the Stability of Software Release Plans." Software Process: Improvement and Practice 12 (2007): 475-490.