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V. E. Prot. Mitral Valve Finite Element Analysis Using Human Uniaxial Tensile Data In Talk at Talk at 8th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Venice., 2008.
V. E. Prot. Modelling and Numerical Analysis of the Porcine and Human Mitral Apparatus. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2008.
V. E. Prot and B. H. Skallerud. Solid Versus Membrane Finite Elements in Analysis of the Mitral Valve: a Case Study In Talk at the 6th International Conference on Computation of Shell & Spatial Structures., 2008.
V. E. Prot, B. H. Skallerud and G. A. Holzapfel. Effects on Connective Tissue Pathologies on Mitral Valve Response In Talk at the Conference on Modeling of heterogeneous materials with application in construction and biomedical engineering, Prague., 2007.
V. E. Prot. Solid Finite Element Analysis of the Mitral Valve In Talk at CBC Seminar on Biomechanics, Trondheim., 2007.
V. E. Prot, B. H. Skallerud and G. A. Holzapfel. "Transversely Isotropic Membrane Shells With Application to Mitral Valve Mechanics. Constitutive Modelling and Finite Element Implementation." International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 71 (2007): 987-1008.