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S. D. Parkinson, S. W. Funke, J. Hill, M. D. Piggott and P. A. Allison. "Application of the adjoint approach to optimise the initial conditions of a turbidity current (AdjointTurbidity 1.0)." Geoscientic Model Development, no. 10 (2017): 1051-1068.
T. Schwedes, D. A. Ham, S. W. Funke and M. D. Piggott. Mesh dependence in PDE-constrained optimisation In An Application in Tidal Turbine Array Layouts. Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer Research Brief, 2017.
S. W. Funke, P. E. Farrell and M. D. Piggott. "Reconstructing wave profiles from inundation data." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 322 (2017): 167-186.