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Ö. Alay, V. Mancuso, A. Brunström, S. Alfredsson, m. mellia, G. Bernini and H. Lonsethagen. End to end 5G Measurements with MONROE: Challenges and Opportunities In 2018 IEEE 4th International Forum on Research and Technology for Society and Industry (RTSI). IEEE, 2018.
A. M. Mandalari, A. Lutu, A. Custura, a. s. Khatouni, Ö. Alay, M. Bagnulo, V. Bajbai, A. Brunström, J. Ott, m. mellia et al. Experience: Implications of Roaming in Europe In Proceedings of the 24th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking. New Delhi, India: ACM, 2018.
Ö. Alay, A. Lutu, M. P. Quiros, V. Mancuso, t. hirsch, K. Evensen, A. F. Hansen, S. Alfredsson, j. karlsson, A. Brunström et al. Experience: An Open Platform for Experimentation with Commercial Mobile Broadband Networks In Proc. of ACM Mobicom. ACM, 2017.
M. Fida, K. Kousias, A. Lutu, M. Rajiullah, Ö. Alay, A. Brunström and A. Argyriou. FLEX-MONROE: A Unified Platform for Experiments under Controlled and Operational LTE Settings In 11th ACM International Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental Evaluation & Characterization (WiNTECH2017), Edited by K. Kousias. Utah, US: ACM, 2017.PDF icon wintech17-final4.pdf (2.16 MB)
D. A. Hayes, D. Ros, A. Petlund and I. Ahmed. A Framework for Less than Best Effort Congestion Control with Soft Deadlines In 2017 IFIP Networking Conference (IFIP Networking) and Workshops, Edited by G. Karlsson, A. Brunström, H. Jiang, T. Wolf and V. Fodor. IEEE, 2017.PDF icon lbe_num_deadlines-ifip-networking-posted-version.pdf (1.68 MB)
N. Khademi, D. Ros, M. Welzl, Z. Bozakov, A. Brunström, G. Fairhurst, K. Grinnemo, D. A. Hayes, P. Hurtig, T. Jones et al. "NEAT: A Platform- and Protocol-Independent Internet Transport API." IEEE Communications Magazine 55, no. 6 (2017): 46-54.
F. Weinrank, K. Grinnemo, Z. Bozakov, A. Brunström, T. Dreibholz, P. Hurtig and N. Khademi. A NEAT Way to Browse the Web In Proceedings of the Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW), Edited by M. Tüxen. Praha/Czech Republic: IEEE, 2017.PDF icon anrw17-final13.pdf (416.77 KB)
a. s. Khatouni, m. mellia, M. A. Marsan, S. Alfredsson, j. karlsson, A. Brunström, Ö. Alay, A. Lutu, C. Midoglu and V. Mancuso. Speedtest-like Measurements in 3G/4G Networks: the MONROE Experience In 29th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29), Edited by T. Zinner, R. Aguero, K. Kuladinithi, A. Timm-Giel and T. Hoßfeld. IEEE, 2017.
B. Briscoe, A. Petlund, I. Ahmed, G. Fairhurst, A. Brunström and D. Ros. AQM for ISPs - decision maker video. RITE website: Reducing Internet Transport Latency, 2016.
G. Papastergiou, K. Grinnemo, A. Brunström, D. Ros, M. Tüxen, N. Khademi and P. Hurtig. On the Cost of Using Happy Eyeballs for Transport Protocol Selection In Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW). ACM, 2016.
G. Papastergiou, G. Fairhurst, D. Ros, A. Brunström, K. Grinnemo, P. Hurtig, N. Khademi, M. Tüxen, M. Welzl, D. Damjanovic et al. "De-ossifying the Internet transport layer: A survey and future perspectives." IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2016).
Ö. Alay, A. Lutu, R. Garcia, M. P. Quiros, V. Mancuso, t. hirsch, t. dely, J. Werme, K. Evensen, A. F. Hansen et al. Measuring and Assessing Mobile Broadband Networks with MONROE In WoWMoM, demo paper. IEEE, 2016.
Ö. Alay, A. Lutu, R. Garcia, M. P. Quiros, V. Mancuso, t. hirsch, t. dely, J. Werme, K. Evensen, A. F. Hansen et al. MONROE, a distributed platform to measure and assess mobile broadband networks In Mobicom, Wintech Workshop and All Things Cellular Workshop, demo paper. ACM, 2016.
K. Yedugundla, S. Ferlin, T. Dreibholz, Ö. Alay, N. Kuhn, P. Hurtig and A. Brunström. "Is Multi-Path Transport Suitable for Latency Sensitive Traffic?" Computer Networks (COMNET) 105 (2016): 1-21.PDF icon comnets2016-multipathsurvey.pdf (4.42 MB)
K. Grinnemo, T. Jones, G. Fairhurst, D. Ros, A. Brunström and P. Hurtig. NEAT – A New, Evolutive API and Transport-Layer Architecture for the Internet. 12th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW 2016), Sundsvall, Sweden, June 1-2, 2016, 2016.
K. Grinnemo, T. Jones, G. Fairhurst, D. Ros, A. Brunström and P. Hurtig. Towards a Flexible Internet Transport Layer Architecture In IEEE LANMAN. IEEE, 2016.PDF icon lanman_2016-accepted-version.pdf (248.54 KB)