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S. Krogdahl and O. Lysne. "On Verification of Parallel Message-Passing Processes." Formal Aspects of Computing 13 (2002): 471-492.
S. Krogdahl and O. Lysne. "Verifying a Distributed List System: a Case History." Formal Aspects of Computing 9 (1997): 98-118,.
S. Krogdahl and O. Lysne. Verifying a Distributed List System: a Case History. Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, 1993.
S. Gjessing, S. Krogdahl and E. Munthe-Kaas. A Top Down Approach to the Formal Specification of SCI Cache Coherence In Computer Aided Verification, 3rd International Workshop (CAV'91), Edited by K. G. Larsen and A. Skou. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer-Verlag, 1992.