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H. Spieker, A. Gotlieb and M. Mossige. Rotational Diversity in Multi-Cycle Assignment Problems In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-19). Vol. 33. AAAI, 2019.PDF icon aaai19_rotationaldiversity.pdf (223.18 KB)
M. Collet, A. Gotlieb, N. Lazaar and M. Mossige. Stress Testing of Single-Arm Robots Through Constraint-Based Generation of Continuous Trajectories In 2019 IEEE International Conference On Artificial Intelligence Testing (AITest). San Francisco, CA, USA: IEEE, 2019.
M. K. Ahuja, H. Spieker, A. Gotlieb, D. Marijan and M. Mossige. Survey on Testing of Deep Learning Systems. Simula Research Laboratory, 2019.
M. Mossige, A. Gotlieb, H. Spieker, H. Meling and M. Carlsson. Time-aware Test Execution Scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems In Gesellschaft für Informatik Software Engineering Conference 2019 (SE19), Germany., 2019.
M. Mossige, A. Gotlieb and H. Meling. Generating Tests for Robotized Painting Using Constraint Programming In Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-16) - Sister Conference Best Paper Track. New York City, 2016.PDF icon main.pdf (186.69 KB)
M. Mossige, A. Gotlieb, H. Meling and M. Carlsson. Optimal Test Execution Scheduling on Multiple Machines with Resource Constraints In Submitted., 2016.
M. Mossige, A. Gotlieb and H. Meling. Testing Robotized Paint System Using Constraint Programming: an Industrial Case Study In Proceedings of IFIP Int. Conf. on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS'14), Madrid, Spain, Sep. 2014 - Application Track. Berlin, Heidelberg: LNCS, 2014.
M. Mossige, A. Gotlieb and H. Meling. Using CP in Automatic Test Generation for ABB Robotics' Paint Control System In Proceedings of Principles of Constraint Programming (CP'14), Lyon, France, Sep. 2014 - Best Application Track Paper. Zwitzerland: LNCS, 2014.