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S. Nejati, M. Sabetzadeh, M. Chechik, S. Easterbrook and P. Zave. "Matching and Merging of Variant Feature Specifications." IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 38 (2012): 1355-1375.
M. Sabetzadeh, S. Nejati, M. Chechik and S. Easterbrook. Reasoning About Consistency in Model Merging In 3rd Workshop on Living With Inconsistency in Software Development, Edited by A. Egyed, R. Lopez-Herrejon, B. Nuseibeh, G. Botterweck, M. Chechik and Z. Hu. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2010.PDF icon Simula.approve.58.pdf (503.52 KB)
G. Brunet, M. Chechik, S. Easterbrook, S. Nejati, N. Niu and M. Sabetzadeh. A Manifesto for Model Merging In 1st International Workshop on Global Integrated Model Management (GaMMa'06) at the 28th International Conference on Software Engineering. unknown: IEEE, 2006.
M. Sabetzadeh and S. Easterbrook. "View Merging in the Presence of Incompleteness and Inconsistency." Requirements Engineering 11 (2006): 174-193.PDF icon Simula.simula.466.pdf (764.68 KB)