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G. A. Staff, K. Mardal and T. K. Nilssen. Preconditioning of Fully Implicit Runge-Kutta Schemes for Parabolic PDEs In SIMS05. 46th Conference on Simulation and Modeling, Trondheim, October 13-14, Edited by J. Amundsen, H. I. Andersson, E. Celledoni, T. Gravdahl, F. A. Michelsen, H. R. Nagel and T. Natvig. Tapir Academic Press, 2005.PDF icon Staff.2005.2.pdf (141.79 KB)
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T. K. Nilssen. Weakly Positve Definite Matrices. Simula Research Laboratory, 2005.PDF icon Nilssen.2005.1.pdf (174.83 KB)
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