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K. Hlavackova-Schindler, V. Naumova and S. V. Pereverzyev. "Multi-penalty regularization for detecting relevant variables." In Recent Applications of Harmonic Analysis to Function Spaces, Differential Equations, and Data Science, edited by I. Pesenson, 889-916. Novel Methods in Harmonic Analysis, ed. Vol. 2. Springer International Publishing, 2017.PDF icon pp_11_2014-1.pdf (390.69 KB)
V. Naumova, L. Nita, J. Poulsen and S. V. Pereverzyev. "Meta-Learning Based Blood Glucose Predictor for Diabetic Smartphone App." In Prediction Methods for Blood Glucose Concentration. Lecture Notes in Bioengineering. , 93-105. Aachen (Germany): Springer International Publishing, 2016.
V. Naumova, K. Hlavackova-Schindler and S. V. Pereverzyev. "Granger Causality for Ill-Posed Problems: Ideas, Methods, and Application in Life Sciences." In Statistics and Causality: Methods for Applied Empirical Research, edited by W. Wiedermann and A. von Eye, 1-41. West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Limited Wiley, 2015.