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C. Gurrin, K. Schoeffmann, H. Joho, A. Leibetseder, L. Zhou, A. Duane, D. Dang-Nguyen, M. Riegler, L. Piras, et al. "Comparing Approaches to Interactive Lifelog Search at the Lifelog Search Challenge (LSC2018)." ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 7 (2019): 46-59.
P. Halvorsen, M. Riegler and K. Schoeffmann. Medical Multimedia Systems and Applications In Proceedings of the 27th ACM International Conference on Multimedia - MM '19, Edited by L. Amsaleg, B. Huet, M. Larson, G. Gravier, H. Hung, C. Ngo and W. T. Ooi. New York, NY, USA: ACM Press, 2019.PDF icon p2711-halvorsen.pdf (768.36 KB)
C. Gurrin, T. Minh-Triet, J. Lokoč, W. Hürst, K. Schoeffmann, H. Joho, A. Leibetseder, L. Zhou, A. Duane, D. Duc-Tien et al. "映像情報メディア学会英語論文誌." 映像情報メディア学会英語論文誌 7 (2019): 46-59.
K. Schoeffmann, B. Münzer, M. Riegler and P. Halvorsen. Medical Multimedia Information Systems (MMIS) In the 2017 ACMProceedings of the 2017 ACM on Multimedia Conference - MM '17, Edited by Q. Liu, R. Lienhart, H. Wang, S. ". T. Chen, S. Boll, P. Chen, G. Friedland, J. Li and S. Yan. Mountain View, California, USANew York, New York, USA: ACM Press, 2017.