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D. I. K. Sjøberg, B. C. D. Anda, E. Arisholm, T. Dybå, M. Jørgensen, A. Karahasanovic and M. Vokác. "Challenges and Recommendations When Increasing the Realism of Controlled Software Engineering Experiments." In Empirical Methods and Studies in Software Engineering: Experiences from ESERNET, edited by R. Conradi and A. I. Wang, 24-38. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 2765. Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer, 2003.PDF icon Sjoberg.2003.1.pdf (60.01 KB)
E. Arisholm and D. I. K. Sjøberg. A Controlled Experiment With Professionals to Evaluate the Effect of a Delegated Versus Centralized Control Style on the Maintainability of Object-Oriented Software. Simula Research Laboratory, 2003.PDF icon SE.7.Arisholm.2003.b.pdf (365.54 KB)
M. Jørgensen and D. I. K. Sjøberg. "An Effort Prediction Interval Approach Based on the Empirical Distribution of Previous Estimation Accuracy." Information and Software Technology 45 (2003): 123-136.PDF icon SE.4.Joergensen.2003.b.pdf (274.3 KB)
E. Syversen, B. C. D. Anda and D. I. K. Sjøberg. An Evaluation of Applying Use Cases to Construct Design Versus Validate Design In Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-36), Edited by E. Dennis. Big Island, Hawaii: -, 2003.
R. Conradi, T. Dybå, D. I. K. Sjøberg and T. Ulsund. Lessons Learned and Recommendations From Two Large Norwegian SPI Programmes In 9th European Workshop on Software Process Technology (EWSPT 2003), Edited by Oquendo. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Helsinki, Finland: Springer-Verlag, 2003.PDF icon SE.5.Conradi.2003.b.pdf (360.78 KB)
H. E. Gallis, E. Arisholm, T. Dybå and D. I. K. Sjøberg. Pair Programming Versus Individual Programming on Maintenance Tasks With Professional Subjects: a Controlled Experiment In Scientific presentation to ISERN, October 4th., 2003.
M. Jørgensen, D. I. K. Sjøberg and U. G. Indahl. "Software Effort Estimation by Analogy and Regression Toward the Mean." Journal of Systems and Software 68 (2003): 253-262.PDF icon SE.4.Joergensen.2003.a.pdf (192.53 KB)
A. Karahasanovic, B. C. D. Anda, E. Arisholm, S. E. Hove, M. Jørgensen and D. I. K. Sjøberg. A Think-Aloud Support Tool for Collecting Feedback in Large-Scale Software Engineering Experiments. Simula Research Laboratory, 2003.
D. I. K. Sjøberg, B. C. D. Anda, E. Arisholm, T. Dybå, M. Jørgensen, A. Karahasanovic, E. Koren and M. Vokác. Conducting Realistic Experiments in Software Engineering In ISESE'2002 (First International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering), Edited by n. found. IEEE Computer Society, 2002.PDF icon SE.5.Sjoeberg.2002.pdf (230.38 KB)
M. Jørgensen and D. I. K. Sjøberg. "Impact of Experience on Maintenance Skills." Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice 14 (2002): 123-146.PDF icon SE.4.Joergensen.2002.a.pdf (295.16 KB)
D. I. K. Sjøberg, O. Søråsen and L. Holden. Nekrolog - Kristen Nygaard, Aftenposten Og Uniforum 13.8.2002 In Misc., 2002.PDF icon Sjoberg.2002.1.pdf (7.15 KB)
D. I. K. Sjøberg. Obituary - Kristen Nygaard., 2002.PDF icon Sjoberg.2002.2.pdf (13.17 KB)
E. Arisholm, D. I. K. Sjøberg, G. J. Carelius and Y. Lindsjørn. SESE - an Experiment Support Environment for Evaluating Software Engineering Technologies In NWPER'2002 (Tenth Nordic Workshop on Programming and Software Development Tools and Techniques). Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002.PDF icon SE.5.Arisholm.2002.c.pdf (204.78 KB)
M. Jørgensen and D. I. K. Sjøberg. A Simple Effort Prediction Interval Approach In Proceedings of the Conference on Achieving Quality in Information Systems. Venezia, 2002.
B. C. D. Anda and D. I. K. Sjøberg. Towards an Inspection Technique for Use Case Models In Fourteenth IEEE Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE'02), Edited by B. C. D. Anda. -, 2002.PDF icon SE.5.Anda.2002.b.pdf (69.57 KB)
A. Karahasanovic and D. I. K. Sjøberg. Visualising Impacts of Change in Evolving Object-Oriented Systems: an Explorative Study In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools GraBaTs'02. Barcelona, Spain: Technische Universitat Berlin, 2002.
E. Arisholm, D. I. K. Sjøberg, G. J. Carelius and Y. Lindsjørn. "A Web-Based Support Environment for Software Engineering Experiments." Nordic Journal of Computing 9 (2002): 231-247.PDF icon SE.4.Arisholm.2002.pdf (383.68 KB)
N. G. Kirby, A. Dearle and D. I. K. Sjøberg. 9th International Workshop, POS-9. Lillehammer, Norway: Springer, 2001.PDF icon SE.2.Kirby.2001.pdf (63.86 KB)
M. Jørgensen and D. I. K. Sjøberg. Anchoring Effects: an Important Cause of Too Optimistic Effort Estimates in Software Development Projects In 24nd IRIS Conference (Information Systems Research Seminar In Scandinavia). Ulvik, Norway, 2001.PDF icon SE.5.Joergensen.2001.a.pdf (50.74 KB)
E. Arisholm, D. I. K. Sjøberg and M. Jørgensen. "Assessing the Changeability of Two Object-Oriented Design Alternatives - a Controlled Experiment." Empirical Software Engineering 6 (2001): 231-277.PDF icon SE.4.Arisholm.2001.pdf (636.78 KB)
D. I. K. Sjøberg, E. Arisholm and M. Jørgensen. Conducting Experiments on Software Evolution In 4th International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution (IWPSE 2001), Edited by T. Tamai, M. Aoyama and K. Bennet. Vienna, Austria: -, 2001.
A. Karahasanovic, D. I. K. Sjøberg and M. Jørgensen. Data Collection in Software Engineering Experiments In Managing Information Technology in a Global Economy, Information Resources Management Association International Conference IRMA 2001, Software Engineering Track. Toronto, Ontario Canada: Idea Group Publishing, 2001.
B. C. D. Anda, H. Dreiem, D. I. K. Sjøberg and M. Jørgensen. Estimating Software Development Effort Based on Use Cases - Experiences From Industry In 4th International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language (UML2001), Edited by M. Gogolla and C. Kobryn. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Toronto, Canada: Springer-Verlag, 2001.PDF icon SE.5.Anda.2001.a.pdf (125.64 KB)
M. Jørgensen and D. I. K. Sjøberg. "Impact of Effort Estimates on Software Project Work." Information and Software Technology 43 (2001): 939-948.PDF icon SE.4.Joergensen.2001.a.pdf (182.71 KB)
B. C. D. Anda, D. I. K. Sjøberg and M. Jørgensen. Quality and Understandability of Use Case Models In ECOOP 2001 - Object-Oriented Programming, 15th European Conference, Edited by L. J. Knudsen. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Budapest, Hungary: Springer-Verlag, 2001.PDF icon SE.5.Anda.2001.b.pdf (169.24 KB)