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G. Egeland and P. E. Engelstad. "The Availability and Reliability of Wireless Multi-Hop Networks With Stochastic Link Failures." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 27 (2009).PDF icon Simula.nd.419.pdf (1.8 MB)
G. Egeland and P. E. Engelstad. The Economy of Redundancy in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks In IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2009), Edited by L. Hanzo. ieee, 2009.PDF icon Simula.nd.421.pdf (278.57 KB)
G. Egeland and P. E. Engelstad. Energy Penalties for Non-Shortest Paths in Wireless Sensor Networks With Link Failures In The 5th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC'09). ACM, 2009.PDF icon Simula.nd.427.pdf (435.29 KB)
A. F. Hansen, G. Egeland and P. E. Engelstad. Could Proactive Link-State Routed Wireless Networks Benefit From Local Fast Reroute? In 6th annual Communication Networks and Services Research Conference, 2008. CNSR 2008, Edited by P. K. IEEE. IEEE, 2008.PDF icon Simula.ND.86.pdf (502.52 KB)
-. Clementsen, -. Dybos, G. Egeland, S. Gjessing, -. Sorteberg and Øvsthus. Internett-Protokoller Og IETF In Forskningsnotat 2/2000, Telenor FoU, 63 sider., 2000.