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Á. Barbero and Ø. Ytrehus. Message merging for routing In Recent Advances in Practical Network Coding and Distributed Storage., 2015.
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Á. Barbero and Ø. Ytrehus. From butterflies to moths: the dark side of wireless network coding In COST IC 1104 meeting, Palmela, Portugal, September 17., 2014.
Á. Barbero and Ø. Ytrehus. Information exchange for routing protocols In Information Theory and its Applications (ITA)., 2014.
Á. Barbero, E. Rosnes, G. Yang and Ø. Ytrehus. "Near-field passive RFID communication: Channel model and code design." IEEE Transactions on Communications 62, no. 5 (2014): 1716-1727.