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E. Verhulst, J. L. de la Vara, B. H. C. Sputh and V. de Florio. ARRL: a Criterion for Composable Safety and Systems Engineering In SAFECOMP 2013 - Workshop SASSUR (Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems), Edited by T. Kelly and J. L. de la Vara. HAL, 2013.PDF icon SASSUR2013.pdf (199.04 KB)
E. Verhulst, J. L. de la Vara, B. H. C. Sputh and V. de Florio. From Safety Integrity Level to Assured Reliability and Resilience Level for Compositional Safety Critical Systems In 25th International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications (ICSSEA'13), Edited by A. Canals, E. Najm and J. Rault. INCOSE, 2013.PDF icon ICSSEA2013.pdf (361.73 KB)
J. L. de la Vara, D. Falessi and E. Verhulst. Specifying a Framework for Evaluating Requirements Engineering Technology: Challenges and Lessons Learned In 3rd International Workshop on Empirical Requirements Engineering (EmpiRE 2013), Edited by M. Daneva, T. Conte, S. Marczak, A. Susi, O. Pastor and A. Marchetto. IEEE, 2013.PDF icon EmpiRE2013.pdf (257.42 KB)
J. L. de la Vara, S. Nair, E. Verhulst, J. Studzizba, P. Pepek, J. Lambourg and M. Sabetzadeh. Towards a Model-Based Evolutionary Chain of Evidence for Compliance With Safety Standards In Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security SAFECOMP 2012 Workshops: Sassur. Proceedings, Edited by P. D. F. Ortmeier. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2012.PDF icon Simula.simula.1562.pdf (402.42 KB)