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C. Griwodz, M. Liepert, A. El-Saddik, G. On and M. Zink. Perceived Consistency In Proc. of the ACS/IEEE Int'l. Conf. on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA). ACS, 2001.PDF icon griwodz-2000b.pdf (790.47 KB)
G. On, M. Zink, M. Liepert, C. Griwodz, J. Schmitt and R. Steinmetz. Replication for a Distributed Multimedia System In International Conferance on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS). IEEE, 2001.PDF icon on01.pdf (36.62 KB)
C. Griwodz, M. Zink, M. Liepert, G. On and R. Steinmetz. Multicast for Savings in Cache-Based Video Distribution In Proceedings of SPIE/ACM Conference on Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN), Edited by K. Nahrstedt and W. Feng. Vol. 3969. SPIE, 2000.PDF icon griwodz-zink-2000.pdf (62.93 KB)
C. Griwodz, M. Liepert, M. Zink and R. Steinmetz. "Tune to Lambda-Patching." Performance Evaluation 27 (2000): 20-26.PDF icon Griwodz.2000.1.pdf (46.58 KB)
M. Liepert, C. Griwodz, G. On, M. Zink and R. Steinmetz. Distributed Media Server for the Support of Multimedia Teaching In Multimedia Systems and Applications II, Edited by A. G. Tescher, B. Vasudev, M. V. Bove, Jr. and B. Derryberry. Vol. 3845. SPIE, 1999.PDF icon Simula.ND.337.pdf (53.23 KB)
C. Griwodz, M. Zink, M. Liepert and R. Steinmetz. Position Paper: Internet VoD Cache Server Design In Proceedings of the ACM International Multimedia Conference (ACM MM), Edited by S. S. J. Buford. ACM Press, 1999.PDF icon griwodz-1999.pdf (488.43 KB)