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S. Linge, K. Mardal, V. Haughton and A. Helgeland. Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Characteristics at Double Heart Rate In Neuroradiology, 53 (Suppl. 1), S33, 35th European Soc of Neuroradiology ann. meeting, Antwerpen, Belgium, Edited by P. PM and G. JV. Proc. of the 35th European Society of Neuroradiology Ann. Meeting, Antwerpen, Belgium, 21-25 Sept, Springer Verlag, 2011.
S. Linge, V. Haughton, A. E. Løvgren, K. Mardal, A. Helgeland, H. P. Langtangen and K. Støverud. Cyclic Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow (I): Towards the Understanding of Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Dynamics in Chiari I Malformation In ASNR 49th Annual Meeting & the Foundation of the ASNR Symposium, June 4 - 9, 2011., 2011.
S. Linge, V. Haughton, A. E. Løvgren, K. Mardal, A. Helgeland and H. P. Langtangen. "Effect of Tonsilar Herniation on Cyclic CSF Flow Studied With Computational Flow Analysis." American Journal of Neuroradiology 32 (2011): 1474-1481.
K. Mardal, S. Hentschel, A. Helgeland, H. P. Langtangen, S. Linge, A. E. Løvgren, A. Logg and K. Valen-Sendstad. Patient-Specific Simulations of Stroke and Syringomyelia In Talk : Advisory commitee meeting FFI project P1112 Aerosols: Dispersion, Transport and Consequences, Nov 03., 2009.PDF icon Simula.sc.780.pdf (1.17 MB)
K. Mardal, A. Helgeland, S. Hentschel, H. P. Langtangen, A. Logg, S. Linge, A. E. Løvgren and K. Valen-Sendstad. Some Biomedical Applications at Simula In Talk at the CBC Workshop on Computational Biology with UMB., 2009.PDF icon Simula.SC.636.pdf (2.3 MB)