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G. A. Staff and K. Mardal. The Accuracy of the Velocity Approximation With Respect to the Pressure Approximation for Incompressible Fluid Flow In Third National Conference on Computational Mechanics (MekIT 05), Edited by B. H. Skallerud and H. I. Andersson. Trondheim, May 11-12: Tapir Academic Press, 2005.PDF icon Staff.2005.1.pdf (16.29 MB)
G. A. Staff, K. Mardal and T. K. Nilssen. Preconditioning of Fully Implicit Runge-Kutta Schemes for Parabolic PDEs In SIMS05. 46th Conference on Simulation and Modeling, Trondheim, October 13-14, Edited by J. Amundsen, H. I. Andersson, E. Celledoni, T. Gravdahl, F. A. Michelsen, H. R. Nagel and T. Natvig. Tapir Academic Press, 2005.PDF icon Staff.2005.2.pdf (141.79 KB)
G. A. Staff and E. M. Rønquist. "Stability of the Parareal Algorithm." In Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering, edited by R. Kornhuber, R. Hoppe, D. Keyes, J. Périaux, O. Pironneau and J. Xu, 449-454. Vol. 40. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 40. Springer, 2003.PDF icon SC.5.Staff.2003.pdf (154.54 KB)