Stuart R. Clark
Head of Department
+47 47 45 28 70

 â€”Better models, better constraints, excellent geoscience


The CompGeo (Computational Geoscience) department is a largely industry funded research department solving fundamental research questions in geoscience using numerical analysis. We employ Postdoctoral fellows, PhD and Master's students in Computational Geoscience with a variety of backgrounds: geophysics, geology, applied mathematics, scientific computing and physics. By developing innovative geoscience models and deploying them on basic research questions that are of keen interest to both industry and academia, Computational Geoscience will be a recognised name in the geodynamics community and influence the way the oil and gas industry conduct exploration.

Eyjafjallajokull CG is going to Iceland for a workshop on Geodynamics and HPC, 20th to 23rd August
Image from Computers & Geoscience Journal Paper 4DPlates article recognised as a key research article by EarthEmphasis
Image from Tectonophysics Paper First collaborative paper between Simula and Munich University (LMU) accepted in Tectonophysics
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