About SSRI

The Simula School of Research and Innovation (SSRI) supports education at Simula, from the master to postdoctoral levels.
In particular, these include master studentsresearch traineesPh.D. students, and postdoctoral fellows. All students and postdocs at Simula are associated with projects in the relevant basic research departments and are co-located with the other project members. Usually, the research department also hosts at least one of the student’s supervisors.

SSRI offers a world-class research environment with information and communication technologies while, like the rest of Simula, retaining agility in management techniques and operational standards. This means students are likely to experience a unique standard of personalized attention and proximity to current-edge international research. High exposure to a variety of fields, research styles, and industrial and public sector actors is often implicit in a Simula educational experience. 

Parties interested in pursuing an education and/or performing research at Simula must meet core curricular and performance standards. Most important, however, is a passion to learn and to be willing to join in and contribute to a world-class educational environment in information and communication technologies.

SSRI reaches for high educational goals, and will, in particular, strive to achieve:

  • High scientific quality
  • Offer relevant research tasks with potential for applications, in society or in industry
  • Maximize the number of successful Ph.D. projects
  • Minimize the need for prolongation of Ph.D. project periods
  • Contribute to substantial scientific and personal development for postdoctoral fellows