Coding memories in time

Simulating coordinated interaction of spatial and temporal networks in encoding memories

Tristan Stöber

Tristan completed his MSc in Freiburg at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience. Together with Arvind Kumar and Stefan Rotter, he conducted simulation studies to understand the relationship between network structure and excitability in medial temporal lobe epilepsy. The strong interdisciplinarity and the intensive collaboration between San Diego and Oslo motivated him to join the SUURPh program in February 2016.

The project

Tristan’s project involves quantitative models of hippocampal circuitry. His major goal is to understand the interplay of the hippocampal subregions in the creation of declarative memory. In his first project he is studying functional connectivity and plasticity with generalized-linear models, which will later be used to build network models for understanding how spatial input is combined with temporal and social information.


Marianne Fyhn
UiO, Biosciences

Aslak Tveito
Simula, Cardiac Modelling

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UCSD, Biological Sciences