Directing neural learning via brain-machine interfaces

Developing methods for recording and controlling neural circuits involved in vivo

Alessio Buccino

Alessio has a background in biomedical engineering and computer science from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and the University of Houston, USA. With his Masters he investigated the use of a non-invasive multimodal EEG-fNIRS system for Brain-Machine Interfaces. By joining SUURPh he has been able to continue pursuing his interest in neural technologies and engineering in an international and stimulating research environment.

The project

His PhD project attempts to use invasive recordings and stimulation systems to induce neuroplasticity in-vivo in order to modulate the responses of individual neurons. His work consists both of computational modeling for improving recording and stimulation methods and experiments on animal models, mainly involving the hippocampus and the spatial maps of the brain (place cells and grid cells).


Philipp Häfliger
UiO, Informatics

Gert Cauwenberghs
UCSD, Bioengineering