Professional Development Programme

The Simula School strives to offer world-class education that goes above and beyond any current industry standards, particularly in terms of focus on the junior academic and the acquisition of skills critical for success. The Simula School's Modular Professional Development Programme concretely addresses critical training goals and readies internal candidates for careers in research and/or leadership.

Everyone starting or continuing his or her scientific career at the Simula School has access to a number of short courses (each course termed a Module) offered through the Simula School.

A Simula PhD or postdoc is generally enrolled in a Module through proposal by the individual researcher him/herself with Departmental approval. Department leaders and/or management, when appropriate, recommend certain Modules for particular researchers. Some researchers may choose to take only a single module as based on interest, while advancement to certain positions, e.g. project, department, and center leadership, may be contingent upon completion of different Modules. 

Topics may include, but are not limited to Workplace Interaction, Communication and Culture, Research Dissemination, Professional Supervision, Leadership Basics, Securing Funding, Introduction to Research Finance, Recruiting, and Advanced Leadership.