Sub-microscopic structure and function in the heart

Using simulations to relate cardiac structure and function below the diffraction limit

Jonas van der Brink

Jonas is the most recent SUURPh recruit and has a background in physics, applied mathematics, and informatics from the University in Oslo. His Masters thesis focused on computational modelling of atrial cardiomyocytes in connection with atrial fibrillation. He joined SUURPh due to the great opportunities the candidates are given to collaborate across universities and groups.

The project

His project in SUURPh seeks to model nanoscopic structure-function relationships in cardiac contraction. In particular, to understand how nanoscale structures interact inside cardiac muscle cells to result in contractile function and dysfunction. In diseased cells these structures are often degraded, but the degree to which this is responsible for observable contractile impairment is not clear. These questions exist at the limit of experimental technology, and computational approaches are fundamental to progress in this field.


Andy Edwards
Simula, Cardiac Modelling

Andrew McCulloch
UCSD, Bioengineering