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Browse our selection of predefined master thesis projects.

If you do not find anything of interest or have other relevant ideas, you can approach our researchers to find possible collaboration projects.

Study opportunities for Master's students at Simula

At Simula, we offer you the possibility to write your master thesis in an excellent research environment and to become involved in cutting-edge research. You will be working on relevant topics under high-quality supervision, and you will get an introduction to the craft of research as well as experience how research is done at Simula. Successful master students will have a good starting point for pursuing a career in research, at Simula or elsewhere.

Usually, the master projects offered at Simula fall into one of two categories: (1) topics that are relevant to an ongoing research project; or (2) topics reflecting the supervisors wish to explore new ideas. The offered projects may be theoretical or practical and may be suitable for short or long project periods. At the beginning of each Autumn semester, the research departments present some of the available master projects at seminars for potential students.


As a master student at Simula's premises at Fornebu, you benefit from being part of an active environment, both professionally and socially. As an enrolled student, you have access to the following benefits:

  1. A dedicated study room with individual workspaces and network connections.
  2. Reimbursement of travel cost, 30-days local travel tickets for Oslo (zone 1). Receipts must be documented.
  3. Participation in Simula welfare activities.
  4. Access card for use in the Fornebu Technopolis canteens. With the use of this card Simula partially subsidizes the cost of a regular daily lunch.
  5. Coffee, tea, and fruit are available free of charge on Simula's premises.

Application requirements

To apply as a master student at Simula, you must be enrolled at a collaborating degree-granting institution such as a University or a University College.  You need to have a bachelor degree in a related field with a grade average of minimum C. Simula cannot award you your degree, but we can provide you with a supervisor who works on cutting edge research at a high international level.

How to become a student with Simula

To become a master student at Simula, you need to contact potential supervisors in our research groups. In addition to the predefined master projects, it might be possible to design a project that is tailored for your interests and background.

You find the list of available master projects here.

When you have established a collaboration for your master thesis with a supervisor at Simula, you do the following:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the guidelines below
  2. Register yourself as a master student at Simula
  3. Complete the semester enrollment

Simula Guidelines for Students

  1. As a master student at Simula, you need to register your enrollment each semester until completion of the degree.
  2. Study regulations at the collaborating university apply, and a written agreement between the student and the Simula supervisor must be submitted to the collaborating university.
  3. When the master degree has been completed, please send us updated information about your thesis by using this form.
  4. If you for some reason end up not completing your degree with supervision from Simula, please inform us as soon as possible by sending an email to your supervisor with a copy to, advisor at SSRI.

Completed a master degree with a supervisor at Simula

Please check out by using the form "Reporting of Completed Master Degree".

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