PhD students

Completing a PhD at Simula will prepare you for a multidisciplinary career in research in academia, industry, or the public sector.

As a doctoral student at Simula, you will be part of a research group. Your personal goal will be to pursue a PhD degree at the end of your three year period.  In that process, you will receive a solid education and develop as an independent researcher. Through scientific publications, you will provide proof of your ability to perform in-depth research.

Simula has different research disciplines that we offer PhD positions within: Communication systems, Cryptography, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, and Software Engineering.

All open PhD positions are listed here.

Since Simula is not a degree-granting institution, your study for a PhD degree must be conducted in collaboration with a university partner, either in Norway or abroad.

Studying for a PhD degree

Being a PhD student is like entering a certain mental state and taking part in a continuously evolving learning process than just having a job. At the same time, you, your supervisors, and your research group should not be unrealistic when defining the ambition level for your work. This ambition level and, most of all, the path to reach that level should be monitored and revised. Surprises are the only certain ingredients in a research project, and these surprises, good or bad, must be handled.

Of course, you should have other interests than your research and have a social life during your PhD period. Usually, this is necessary to recharge yourself now and then. Still, your research problems will churn away at the back of your mind for almost every waking hour. In periods, you will need to work long hours, several days or even weeks at a stretch. Several papers and other publications are describing the process of research, and especially with a doctoral degree in mind. 

PhD students at Simula will find the key advice from Simula's Managing Director, Professor Aslak Tveito, to be of special interest: Survival Guide for Fledgling Researchers: Planning to take a PhD?


A PhD position applicant should have identified an open position as announced at Simula by a Simula-affiliated project leader, have a tentative plan for enrollment at a collaborating degree-granting institution, a minimum B grade on master’s thesis, minimum B grade average on master’s courses, and minimum C grade average on bachelor’s courses.

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