Postdoctoral fellows

At Simula we offer you the possibility to take on a postdoctoral research position. A postdoctoral period at Simula will help shape a solid career in research, whether in academia, in industry, or beyond.

Postdoctoral positions are advertised on a rolling basis and are available for application to top-qualified students and researchers. Applicants for postdoctoral fellowships should have attained a Ph.D. degree by the stated start date of the position.

All open postdoctoral positions are listed here.

Being a Postdoctoral Fellow at Simula

After completion of a Ph.D., research education can continue as a postdoctoral fellow. Such employment contracts usually have a period of 2-3 years. As a postdoc you will be part of one of the research groups at Simula.

At many universities, the position as a postdoctoral fellow is often seen as a retreat into solitude, where the main goal is to produce a large number of scientific papers. The purpose is of course to quickly build the volume of publications that is needed for obtaining permanent positions in academia. The role of a postdoc is different at Simula. First of all, as any other researcher at Simula, you will be part of a research project, and you will have to fill the requirements set by the team to meet the project’s goals. Naturally, publication of research results is an important part of the postdoc’s work. Still, it is more important to write publications of high quality than to boost the volume of production.

Over the later years, it has become clear that academic careers call for more than just a scientific background. For instance, when review committees evaluate candidates for permanent positions at universities, there is an increasing weight on experience and skills concerning teaching, supervision, leadership, fundraising, communication, the organization of conferences, committee work, etc. That is, there are many common factors in the qualifications asked from academia and industry, although there are still differences.