Summer internships

Looking for a summer job or internship in research?

We are no longer accepting applications for the summer internships of 2017. We will announce new internships at the start of 2018.

Below are some examples of the specific projects that were available for the summer of 2017, and we also accept general applications as we need students with a wide range of skills for our summer internships.

Project examples in 2017

Project 1: A comprehensive scientific evaluation of Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, and Mesos.

In this project, the summer intern will evaluate today’s most popular big data processing frameworks (Apache Spark, Apach Storm, and Apache Flink) and resource management systems (YARN and Mesos) using benchmarks and selected use-cases. The experiments will be conducted both on an in-campus test-bed and public clouds. Hands-on experience with big data technologies and cloud computing is preferred.

Project 2: Real time visualization of mobile networks performance and failures  

The NorNet Edge project has been monitoring the performance of mobile networks in Norway since 2013. This project aims to extend the current performance visualization website ( by using sophisticated analytics. Experience with web applications and databases is required.

Project 3: Development of Interfaces for jointly evaluating energy efficiency and characterizing the inter-domain interactions when communication networks meet the smart grid

The main task of the summer intern will be to develop interfaces for linking communication network with the smart grid. Specifically, the candidate is supposed to program the smart switches for intelligent scheduling for energy management. Hands-on programming experience is a must. Background on wireless communications and knowledge on power system will be an advantage.

Project 4: Benchmarking of different cardiac electrophysiology simulators

Test the efficiency and accuracy of CARP, cbcbeat, and Chaste in simulations involving large 3D meshes. The student will install the software in the Abel cluster and use multiple test cases as well as real simulation experiments to determine the most effective simulator. The student will also determine the optimal settings for each simulator in order to achieve the shortest simulation time.    

Project 5: Graphical user interface for patient specific heart simulations

The goal of the project is to develop a graphical user interface for an existing simulator for patient specific heart. The simulator is written in Python, and the GUI will be based on TKInter or one of the alternative GUI libraries in Python. Prior to the start of the project we will perform a survey of suitable tools, and also identify a number of key use cases to be supported by the GUI. The main deliverable of the project will be one or more prototypes that can be used for clinically relevant tasks, and are easy to operate for non-experts.


Every Summer, Simula seeks talented students for summer internships in the fields of Communication Systems, Software Engineering, and Scientific Computing. Additionally, we are looking for students with competence and interest in innovation and business development. An applicant for our Summer Internships must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field of interest. There are no specific grade requirements, but these are competitive positions, therefore any mention of distinguishing achievements is highly encouraged.

What Simula offers

We can offer exciting work tasks in close collaboration with world class research groups, excellent working conditions, and competitive salaries. The summer interns are expected to participate in creating a fun working environment, build future networks, and help each other out when needed.