Partnering institutions

Simula collaborates with top-caliber educational institutions.

Simula is not a degree-conferring institution. The masters and doctoral students that are supervised at Simula complete the majority of their coursework and receive their degrees through a partnering university, such as those listed below (this list is not exaustive). 


  • University of Oslo (UiO) is Norway's oldest university and Simula's longest-standing education partner. The majority of Simula's master's students and PhD candidates have graduated from UiO. Simula researchers regularly teach at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; in addition, Simula teaches several courses that are awarded ECTS at UiO, including Communicating Scientific Research and the Summer School in Computational Physiology. UiO and Simula, together with UC San Diego, also collaborate in the SUURPh program.
  • University of Bergen (UiB) is one of Simula's major research and education partners. Simula UiB is a research center jointly owned by Simula and UiB, which focuses on conducting research and educating graduate students in cybersecurity.
  • Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) is a major research and education partner for Simula. The Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering (SimulaMet) is a research center jointly owned by Simula and OsloMet that conducts research and educates graduate students in digital engineering.
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is Norway's largest university. Researchers from Simula and NTNU have a number of joint research projects.
  • University of Stavanger (UiS). Researchers from Simula and UiS have joint research interests.


While the majority of Simula's graduate students receive their degrees from a Norwegian university, Simula researchers also supervise graduate students enrolled at partnering institutions abroad, including:

For more information or to explore options for partnering with Simula, please contact us.


Our main partner in the US is the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). In addition to collaborative research projects, UCSD is a major partner in the SUURPh-program and a co-host of the joint summer school in computational physiology.


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