Integrating mechanical factors driving cardiac growth

Projecting neuronal activity from cells and networks to clinically measurable indices

Liubov Nikitushkina

Liubov received her Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lyon, where she worked on the development of curved image sensors with a team of material engineers at CEA in Grenoble. Through SUURPh Liubov is now working towards her PhD with a multidisciplinary group of physicians and engineers at the Intervention Centre, Rikshospitalet University Hospital.

The project

Liubov's research focuses on developing computational models to help predict cardiac mechanics from non-invasive patient data. This research aims to improve the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of myocardial remodeling, and help clinicians establish better prognostic criteria for patients with heart failure.


Ole Jakob Elle
UiO, Informatics

Andrew McCulloch
UCSD, Bioengineering