A Jira extension for Benefits Management in IT-projects

A Jira extension for Benefits Management in IT-projects

It is important for IT development projects to estimate and keep track of the benefit of the software they are producing. You will help develop tools for this purpose.

Although generating value for stakeholders is the fundamental reason for initiating IT initiatives, such initiatives are, paradoxically, most often monitored and controlled with respect to cost, time and scope. The field of benefits management promotes the active planning, monitoring and realization of value for stakeholders, and Benefit/Cost-driven Agile Management promotes the active use of benefit points in addition to story points (cost points) on Scrum backlog items.


Jira is a prominent project management tool for organizing and monitoring design and programming tasks. Your task will be to join in developing Jira extensions so that one can register and use benefit points in Jira. You will use this functionality to perform studies with IT-development projects. You will build on earlier development and research on the topic.

Learning outcome

You will learn to develop Jira extensions and integrating both backend and frontend functionality with Jira. You will learn about benefits management; a hot topic in the IT development world.


You should have good up-to-date programming skills in both front-end and back-end development. You should be interested in exploring APIs and frameworks that you are not familiar with (e.g., Jira APIs). You must be curious and interested in research, and enjoy working on challenging problems.


  • Jo Erskine Hannay


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Jo Erskine Hannay

Chief Research Scientist