Partnership with local schools

Connecting education with industry

Bjørnegård students playing pool at a Simula visit.
Bjørnegård students playing pool at a Simula visit.

SSRI is currently collaborating with Bjørnegård middle school, connecting education with industry. The objective is to inspire and contribute to increased interest in science among young students and to create excitement about what's happening in science and technology in the industry.

Activities include:

Similar projects

There are two other schools and companies that have similar projects. It started with a collaboration between Hundsund middle school and the consulting company TerraMar. Later Simula and Bjørnegård joined together with Rykkinn and Telenor.

The collaborations are mutually beneficial and the local government in Bærum encourages more schools and companies to join. When we were about to start working together with Bjørnegård, the local newspaper published an article about the initiative, which you can read here.