At Simula, our master's students and PhD candidates are integrated members of the research environments, and they are supervised by teams of dedicated researchers. Good supervision is an essential component in conducting high-quality research and in training early career researchers.

Simula Academy aims to provide relevant and timely support for our supervisors, making it easier to keep their practice up to date in light of the frequently changing demands on supervisors.

To support our supervisors in continuously providing excellent researcher education and supervision, Simula Academy provides opportunities to refresh knowledge and skills important for scientific supervision. Some of these offers are focused on transferable skills, such as networking, leadership training, and interpersonal communications, while others are more tailored information sessions devoted to the practicalities of supervising graduate students in the Norwegian higher education system.

In addition, Simula’s supervisors are gathered at annual, voluntary seminars to discuss relevant topics and issues with their peers. The discussions from the 2019 supervisor retreat resulted in a set of guiding principles for Simula's supervisors, shown below.



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