Simula internships

Internships at Simula

As a Simula intern, you will be working in a highly competent, challenging, and informal yet professional environment. All interns are appointed a supervisor at Simula and are integrated into the research groups. This way you will get valuable insight in how it is to work within the fields of ICT research together with motivated international researchers.

Simula is a publicly-owned ICT research lab. Our main objective is to reach new levels of understanding and to create vital knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges that are of genuine value to society.

Note: Simula also runs an annual Summer Internship program; recruitment for 2023 summer interns will begin in late 2022.

We recruit students that:

  • Are pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in mathematics, physics or informatics, or other specializations in technology
  • Are curious and interested in research, and enjoy working on challenging problems 
  • Have strong academic results 
  • Are proficient in English (both spoken and written) 
  • Are allowed to work in Norway, due to practicalities related to short-term employment.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to do high-quality research, with supervision from international researchers
  • A highly competent and engaging workplace where you are encouraged to contribute scientifically
  • An hourly-based wage (note: Simula does not cover expenses such as travel, housing, etc.)
  • An inclusive working environment, with a fun and social workplace culture
  • Seating at Simula (includes free bottomless coffee, fruit and snacks)


The duration and working hours for the internship is decided together with each supervisor. Estimated duration is described for each of the projects found below.


Simula’s research activities are distributed across several different research units. The units offering internships are Simula Research Laboratory (SRL; Kristian Augusts gate 23, Oslo), and Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering (SimulaMet; Pilestredet 52, Oslo). Please see the list below for the location and host department of the internship positions.

How to apply:

The application for regular internships is currently closed.

Examples of previous projects:

  • C/C++ programming
  • Dashboard
  • Database Management (PmSys)
  • Database Management and Visualization for Network Measurements
  • DeepSynthBody - website
  • DETERMINE & MESA dataset -  LGE images (cardiac MRI - open dataset)
  • Develop a system for delegating and sequencing tasks for crisis management
  • Develop a system for planning and analyzing crisis management exercises
  • Develop Jira-extensions for Benefits Management in IT-projects
  • Four channels Generative adversarial networks (GANs)
  • Implementation of A Smooth 3-D Heart Geometry Model that Deforms to Fit Time-dependent Medical Image Data throughout the cardiac cycle (cine MRI)
  • Improve teaching material in IN1910
  • JupyterHub: open source infrastructure for interactive and reproducible computing
  • Monitoring and cleaning streaming data
  • MPS database
  • Network monitoring
  • Plagiarism tool
  • Porting code from FEniCS to FEniCSx
  • Reimplementation of ODE systems of equations written in Matlab to python as based on available templates
  • Simplified spiking neural network simulator using generalized linear models
  • Software Developer for Quantum Programs
  • Software Developer to develop REST APIs for rovers
  • Testing and Documenting MATLAB Software Implementation for the Parametrization of Hearts with an Anatomically Consistent Base
  • Tracking and visualizing innovation progress
  • Web Design with React for “Huldra”

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