AI-driven Testing of Driverless Cars

Use machine learning to test driverless cars.

Driverless cars rely on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Unfortunately, AI is prone to biases. In case of driverless cars, this has been witnessed by high profile failures, such as a recent fatal Tesla autopilot crash. Therefore, there is a need to build robustness into driverless car technologies. Robustness entails developing methods that guarantee safety and dependability of learning in various operational scenarios. Testing is one crucial activity to ensure the robustness of an AI-based cars.


To address the challenge of testing AI-based cars, to ensure their robustness and safety, by combining knowledge in software testing and machine learning.

Learning outcome

Hands-on machine learning for testing driverless cars, including deep learning and reinforcement learning

Opportunity to publish scientific papers


Bachelors in computer science
Python programming
Knowledge of machine learning algorithms
Experience with Keras or Tensorflow is an advantage


  • Dusica Marijan
  • Aizaz Sharif

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